Adventure is Calling

Taste the Difference

At The Java Can™, our hope is to provide outdoor enthusiasts with the opportunity to take a little taste of home by making fresh espresso with you anywhere you are. From grinding the beans to frothing the milk, it is an experience where the process is just as invigorating as the nectar it produces. With all of its components safely protected inside, it should never be a thought to leave home without taking your convenient morning cup of joy.

Any traveler understands the significance of how preparing a drink for someone can bring people together. Having been a communal practice dating back centuries, sharing a drink with each other is the essence that we intend to bestow on our product. On the inside, The Java Can™ gives you everything needed to enjoy your favorite espresso drink that can be shared with those around you. But on the outside, it’s the rugged spirit of the “Can” that brings us to seek for adventure.

Designed by a U.S. Army Green Beret over several deployments, its been tested through the rigors of the field. From the rugged firebases of Afghanistan to the Inca trails of South America or just a trip to a serene beach with the family, The Java Can™ is a necessary addition to any adventure.